Get Quick Services like Dog Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning in Shreveport, LA

Who Wants to Go for a Walk?

Many of our services require a prior appointment, but we do take walk-ins for certain services. Does your pup just need a quick pamper? Next time you take your dog for a walk, bring them into Shreveport Fairy Dog Mother for a walk-in service.

We have dog nail trimming and dog ear cleaning ready for in-and-out customers. Our trained experts will care for your pet with personal attention and soothing tactics. Stop by today to take advantage of our walk-in services.

Impress the whole gang at the dog park

Impress the whole gang at the dog park

Our dog ear cleaning service is for any type of pup with long hair that might spread into the ear canal. We use a gentle powder in the ear and then pull out the follicles. Now there's no excuse when they pretend they can't hear when you call them.

Our oral gel and spray service starts with a gel applied to the gum line. After 30 minutes of no eating or drinking, tartar is broken down. We also use a spray that can aid in breaking down the tartar build-up.

Call 847-219-0311 today to ask about our dog nail trimming and dog ear cleaning services available to any walk-ins in Shreveport, LA.